Consuelo Lee Corretjer Day Care Center

2739 W. Division St.
Chicago, IL 60622

Message from the Director, Xóchitl Ramírez:

xochi “In a safe, healthy and welcoming environment, children learn to be independent and sociable. They acquire skills and values that help them become leaders, qualities that will help them in the years to come.”

Named after the Puerto Rican poet, educator and pianist Consuelo Lee Corretjer (1904-1988), the Center is a bilingual childcare/Head Start, in partnership with El Valor, offering quality Child Care and Head Start services for children ages 15 months to 5 years. The Center was created in 1980 in response to the need for bilingual-bicultural pre-school programs in the community. It places special emphasis on Puerto Rican and Latin American culture as well as language retention.

While the program is designed to help ease the child’s transition to elementary school and aims to provide services primarily to working families, it also seeks to engage the children in discovering their individuality and uniqueness within a community with a rich history and cultural legacy. Thus, allowing the children to understand the world about them; to act responsibly upon the world; and, most importantly, to transform the world.

Self-discipline and self-actualization are encouraged in the program’s curriculum. Parents participate in the entire process of program development. The Center’s staff is in a constant dialogue with parents and attempts to raise consciousness about all aspects of child development. Special emphasis is placed on a child’s rights as a human being, as an individual, and as part of a community.

The Childcare Center promotes the children’s social, emotional and cognitive development by offering appropriate developmental activities that capture their curiosity and stimulate the children’s intellectual development in different areas: arts, blocks, dramatic play, science, music, computers, reading and writing, as well as sensory and fine/gross motor experiences.

Latest News from Day Care Center


On Saturday, March 3, 2018, the Puerto Rican Cultural Center celebrated its annual open house 100×35+10 event honoring the 110 th birthday of the Center’s namesake (the national poet of Puerto Rico, Juan Antonio Cor- retjer), and the 45th year of the Center’s founding. During the past ten years, this cel- ebration has highlighted one of the Center’s programs. this year it was the inauguration of the new facility that will house the early educational programs of the Center (the Con- suelo Lee Corretjer/Nancy Franco Maldonado Child Parent Center) which multiply the number of chil- dren currently served, as well as the variety of educational services. This new facility, located at 1345 N. Rockwell, will ensure that all children served from 0 to 5, will receive a high quality educational experience with a total immersion in a dual language, dual cultural environment. The ribbon cutting ceremony was followed that day by a short Program that included welcoming remarks by Xochtil Ramirez, Program Director of the Consuelo Lee Corretjer Center; an emotion filled statement by Alderman Roberto Maldonado in which he noted the importance of this Center which will now bear his be- loved wife’s name -to his family and to the community (read remarks below); a synthesis of the educational founda- tions of murals which will adorn the space by artist Richard Santiago and the reading by Senator Iris Martinez of a Proclamation by the Illinois General Assembly acknowledging the contribu- tions of the PRCC’s Executive Director, José E. López (read Procla- mation below). This Proclamation was introduced by State Rep Cynthia Soto. Following the program, the more than 100 participants were invited to see the facility and enjoy a sumptuous Puerto Rican luncheon. Many of the attendees then proceed- ed on a walking tour to all the Puerto Rican Cultural Center’s programs throughout Paseo Boricua. The 100×35+10 event culminated with a fundraiser for El Rescate held at El Faro’s Restaurant and also celebrated the 6 year of its foundation. The fund- raiser included food, performance and a silent auction. ALDERMAN MALDONADO’S REMARKS Today we give new life to the former Alexander Von Humboldt Elementary School Annex, transforming this once vacant Chicago Public School building into a beautiful place of healthy growth and development for our youngest residents in the 26th Ward. Today this building will be reborn as the Consuelo Lee Corretjer Day Care Center and the Nancy Y. Franco-Maldonado Child Parent Center, giving a new dimen- sion to early childhood education in our community.José E. López, the Ex- ecutive Director of the Puerto Rican Cultural Center and the leader on this initiative, worked with me in ac- quiring this 14,600 square foot annex from the Chicago Public Schools and the City of Chicago. We are proud to offer free or reduced-rate childcare services for up to 150 children from low income families and create up to 25 new jobs as a result of this 2-year effort. You may all be familiar with the famous Puerto Rican poet, educa- tor, and pianist Consuelo Lee Corret- jer whom this center is named in part for. What you may not know is that my late wife, Nancy Y. Franco-Mal- donado, was the heart, the soul, and the quiet force behind making the Child Parent Center a reality and her spirit is here with us today blessing all of the young children whose lives will be forever changed by this amazing place of learning. Nancy encouraged our own chil- dren – Rene, Robertito, and Raquel – to acquire skills and values that will help them become leaders, and she wanted to give this opportunity to all of the young children in this community. Thank you for your powerful advocacy and vision Nancy. You made this happen.

ABC7 SPECIAL The Ñ Beat with Puerto Rican Hurricane Relief/Artist Richard Santiago

The Ñ Beat is an Emmy award-winning half-hour show that turns the spotlight on Chicago’s vibrant Latino community! ABC7 Chicago brings you another episode of The Ñ Beat Saturday, March 24th at 6PM. Six months after Hurricane Maria roared through Puerto Rico, you’ll find out how Chicago has rallied to support that island’s storm-weary survivors.. including a talented artist and his family. Also, meet another Puerto Rican artist whose love for her Chicago neighborhood inspired her recent MCA exhibit. He gained fame on the reality cooking show, ‘Top Chef’.. now, you’ll meet the Mexican chef who is marking a milestone with his first Chicago restaurant and see how a Brazilian native is getting her pupils ‘moving’..with her lively lessons straight from Rio’s Carnival!! ABC7’s Stacey Baca hosts the show from the Puerto Rican Cultural Center’s new child development center… or ‘Consuelo Lee Corretjer Centro Infantil’. Correspondents include Roz Varon, Tanja Babich, John Garcia, Michelle Gallardo, Rob Elgas and new to our Ñ Beat family, Mark Rivera!

Puerto Rican Hurricane Relief/Artist Richard Santiago


Refugees from Hurricane Maria made a new home in Chicago’s Humboldt Park.

Hurricane Maria stormed the shores of Puerto Rico last fall…. leaving a trail of destruction. It is the worst natural disaster in the history of that island and the recovery has been slow to happen. In the meantime, thousands of ‘survivors’ of the storm have fled. In fact, at least 2,500 have made their way to Chicago. The Puerto Rican Cultural Center is one of the key outposts for support as the evacuees look to start over. In fact, one former art professor in San Juan has made Chicago a ‘second home’ for his family largely, thanks to the PRCC. Richard Santiago is artist-in-residence for the PRCC’s new child development center..or Consuelo Lee Corretjer Centro Infantil. Richard has moved his entire family to the Windy City… and is bringing his artwork to the walls that will liven up the child care center for years to come!

The Puerto Rican Cultural Center
2546 W. Division St.
Chicago, IL 60622

NEW Consuelo Lee Corretjer Day Care Center(Opening Soon)
1345 N. Rockwell
Chicago, IL

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A day at the sprinklers

by Jacqueline Tovar, Centro Infantil Consuelo Lee Corretjer
At Centro Infantil we focus on the importance of play. Now that the weather is hot, we have taken the kids to the sprinklers. They enjoy running around the park and talking to each other. It is funny how they discussed what they did over the weekend or what they are going to do that day. Children always have fun stories and just listening to their conversation makes me realize how much these children have grown since they started at Centro Infantil.

It fills us with joy knowing that we play an important part in their life and how we help them develop day by day. They also helps us grow as people. We are glad to take part in all these children’s lives and seeing them run around in the sprinklers made us see how good of a job we are doing.

Centro Infantil Graduates!

by Jacqueline Tovar, Centro Infantil Corretjer

On Friday June 24, 2016 seven children from Centro Infantil Consuelo Lee Corretjer graduated. They are now ready to start a new journey in a Kindergarten classroom. We are glad that we where able to play an important role in these children’s life. We enjoyed having them with us and giving them all the help and knowledge they needed to be ready to start this new journey. They enjoyed a small ceremony at AfriCaribe Cultural Center and where able to show there parents everything they had learned.

Congratulation Yvette Flores and Graciela Arellano

by Jacqueline Tovar, Centro Infantil Corretjer
We would like to congratulate our Centro Infantil teacher Yvette Flores and teacher assistant Graciela Arellano for receiving their Child Development Associate (CDA) Credential. Their credential is focused on Infant and Toddlers. We are happy that we where able to be part of their journey by giving them the time and help they needed. At Centro Infantil we always support our teachers in any help they may need. At the moment we have teachers as Yvette and Graciela that are continuing their education as well as taking trainings to give our children the best education they deserve.

Recycling work at Centro Infantil

by Jacqueline Tovar, Centro Infantil Corretjer

The head-start Vejigante classroom at Centro Infantil Consuelo Lee Corretjer finished their recycling learning theme this Friday. The teacher invited the parents to come in and look at the work that the students had worked on throughout the course, as they learned the importance of recycling. They made many things out of egg cartons, napkin rolls, milk caps and many more. They made little cars out of napkin rolls and milk caps; as well they made turtles out of plastic plates and paper. The children decorated the windows with flowers made out of carton as well they made a sun. We are glad the children have learned to recycle as well as on how they can make objects out of these materials.

Centro Infantil Daycare Visits Navy Pier Children’s Museum

by Jacqueline Tovar, Centro infantil Corretjer


Today our children from Centro Infantil Daycare went to visit the Children’s Museum at Navy Pier. We are glad that we had parents go with their children allowing them to have a learning experience. They where able to explore all the exhibits and play in each one of them for the amount of time they wanted. This field trip helped them develop and practice social emotional, cognitive, and motor skills as well it helped them exercise because they where moving a lot. All the teachers and mothers enjoyed seeing the children having fun and being themselves. Overall it was a great experienced because the children had fun and to us seeing the children happy makes us feel happy for being part of this educational field trip.

Springtime at Centro Infantil Consuelo Lee Correjer!

by Jacqueline Tovar, Centro infantil Corretjer
Now that we are enjoying spring weather, we take our children outside. Today, classroom Coqui went to the park. It is important for our children to have fun and enjoy time to play. Teachers Maritza and Alma walk the children three blocks to the park. Upon arrival they observe the park so it’s safe for the children. They sit down and discuss the rules for play- how they should go down the slides and to be careful when they are running. Our children enjoy the playground and they learn to cooperate by taking turns when using the slides and see-saw.

Congratulations Meliza Bautista

by Jacqueline Tovar, Centro Infantil Consuelo Lee Corretjer

We would like to congratulate our Centro Infantil teacher assistant Meliza Bautista for receiving her Child Development Associate (CDA) Credential. Her credential is focused on Infant and Toddlers. We are happy that we were able to be part of her journey by giving her the time and help she needed. At Centro Infantil we always support our teachers in any help they may need. At the moment we have teachers as Meliza that are continuing there education as well as taking trainings to give our children the best education they deserve.

Vision and Hearing at Centro Infantil

by Jacqueline Tovar, Centro Infantil Day Care Center
At Centro Infantil is important for all our children take the vision & hearing test. This test helps us see if our students have vision or hearing problems, If they do we always refer the parents to a clinic.