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By Carlos Muñoz  /  April 10, 2017
Fashion Show to help El Rescate
By Carlos Muñoz  /  October 25, 2016
Impressions of Fiesta Boricua 2016
By Carlos Muñoz  /  September 19, 2016
Vida/SIDA learns about Self-Care and Social Media
By Carlos Muñoz  /  July 28, 2016

Puerto Rican People’s Parade 2018: Join the Celebration!

THE 40 TH ANNUAL PEOPLES PARADE ON PASEO BORICUA JOIN THE CELEBRATION AS WE PAY HOMAGE TO ITS FOUNDERS PRPeoples Parade Application 2018 The Puerto Rican Cultural Center will be celebrating a historical achievement - the 40th Annual Puerto Rican Peoples Parade (1978 – 2018) on Paseo Boricua, starting at 2:00pm on Division & Western, on Saturday June 14th , 2018. This year the parade will honor its founders and will highlight the 3R’s PR campaign “Rescue, Relief, Rebuild Puerto Rico” of the Puerto Rican Agenda. These founders are being honored as the pioneers, whose vision and diligence, started a space in this community forty years ago to promote our culture and celebrate ...
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Hurricane Evacuees: At Home Within The Puerto Rican Diaspora

"I've landed in probably the home away from home," said Richard Santiago, who evacuated from Puerto Rico to Chicago a month after Hurricane Maria devastated the island. Seventeen years ago, Santiago worked as a visiting artist for a local school that had just hired him for a new project before the storm. This time, Santiago decided to resettle in Chicago with his wife and children ...
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Hey hey! I hope everyone is enjoying their day regardless of the date you see this event description! If you're not!? then look forward to coming to this upcoming "In the Mood" event! This will be a time to catch up with some of your friends and to meet new people who you might become best friends with! Who knows maybe partners in crime, travel buddy etc. you NEVER KNOW! Lets talk about sex, encounters, ourselves (if you're comfortable), and whole lot more! Lets get real. We will be providing FREE food and non alcoholic beverages (although if you're 21 & older, I think we can brew something up for after) Have ...
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ABC 7 to features the story of the artist Richard Santiago

Don’t forget to watch THE Ñ BEAT and see the inspirational story of Richard Santiago, an artist-in-residence at the Puerto Rican Cultural Center, who brought his family to Chicago after the devastation of #HurricaneMaria. Saturday, March 24 at 6:00 PM and Sunday, March 25 at 4:30 PM on ABC 7 Chicago Stacey Baca ABC7 hosts and features other inspirational stories ...
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Safe Passage is Hiring!

The Safe Passage Community Watcher provides a safe passage for students attending: Ames, José de Diego, ChiArts, Chopin, Roberto Clemente, McAuliffe, & Wells Community Academy. MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS: 21 or older with a high school diploma or GED; must pass background check; must be able to stand outside in any kind of weather for at least 3 hours at a time. Part-time with educational opportunities available $11 per hour | Monday through Friday | 5 hours a day To apply or for more information, contact Ivan Vega at: email: Phone: (773) 394-4935 Address: 2546 W. Division St. You can also submit your resume here ...
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