Did you know that each week, 40-50 Illinoisans become infected with HIV? I believe that all families and individuals affected by HIV deserve access to care and you can help me ensure this by participating in the 2015 AIDS Run and Walk. 90% of the funds that we raise collectively for Team Vida/SIDA’s Life Savers will be given back us to facilitate programs and improve services access in our community.

I need you to be part of team Vida/SIDA’s Life Savers this year which is on October 1, 2016

The online registration for the 2016 AIDS Run and Walk is open and I need you to register.

Our team Vida/SIDA’s Life Savers is live and I am feeling pretty lonely there since I’m the only one that has registered so far.

Register at your earliest convenience and start fundraising!  The following is the link to register:




After you click the website link above, click the tab labeled REGISTER, then search for team Vida/SIDA’s Life Savers and follow the rest of the registration instructions.
If you need assistance, please make contact with Carlos Fragoso at: 773-227-7794 or e-mail Carlos at;
Vida/SIDA learns about Self-Care and Social Media

Vida/SIDA learns about Self-Care and Social Media

by Kevin Garcia, Program Coordinator for UIC Integrated PASEO

Last week on July 19th and 20th, Vida/SIDA was able to partake in a two day workshop that was provided by the National Community Health Partners (NCHP). Michael Sandoval, who was the instructor for the workshop, gave a lot information and feedback regarding how to care for oneself in and out of the community health workplace. He delved into how to handle stress and to balance professional work with personal life. The following day, Sandoval discussed how to use social media as a tool for the community and how to become more familiar with it. He mentioned how social media could help learn about certain “lingo” communities use or other things that would be considered the norm. Employees from Vida/SIDA responded well to the workshops and were engaged with asking good questions and participating in all the activities. Paisley Williams, Program Coordinator for Vida/SIDA and the person in charge of making this workshop happen, hopes to continue workshops like this in the future and hopes all other staff from the Puerto Rican Cultural Center will participate.
Orlando victims honored at  Puerto Rican People’s Parade

Orlando victims honored at Puerto Rican People’s Parade

by Carrie Maxwell and Matt Simonette, Windy City Times

Puerto Rican Cultural Center-Vida/SIDA ( PRCC-Vida/SIDA ) honored the victims of the massacre at the LGBTQ Pulse Orlando Night Club & Ultra Lounge at the Puerto Rican People’s Parade, June 18 in Humboldt Park.

Vida/SIDA marched behind a float carrying this year’s Paseo Boricua Cacica Queen, Cynthia Lee Fontaine. Fontaine, a former Ru Paul Drag Race contestant, was crowned by PRCC-Vida/SIDA at the organization’s 9th annual coronation ceremony the previous evening.
Openly gay 35th Ward Alderman Carlos Ramirez-Rosa, Democratic state Senate candidate Omar Aquino and Chicago Commission on Human Relations Commissioner Mona Noriega were among the 100 people marching with Vida/SIDA’s contingent. They carried pictures of a number of the Puerto Rican victims of the Orlando massacre and chanted “Orlando” as they marched down Division Street.
“We’re here today in unity and solidarity in expressing our love and support for the victims of the Orlando massacre,” said Ramirez-Rosa. “Twenty-three of the victims were Puerto Rican and I think it’s important to understand the majority of hate crimes committed against the LGBTQ community target people of color. In the face of this tragedy we aren’t going to allow our community to be divided, nor the victims to be forgotten.”
Photo by Carrie Maxwell
Parade participants remember Orlando
According to estimates, about 90 percent of the victims in the mass slaying at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando were Latino. Twenty-three of those murdered were Puerto Rican.
Juan Calderon, chief operating officer of the Puerto Rican Cultural Center of Chicago was blunt in saying, “We’ve never seen such a massacre.”
Previous to Orlando, the worst massacre in Puerto Rican history, following Spanish imperial rule, took place in Ponce in March, 1937, when 19 protestors and two policemen were killed in a rally that left 200 wounded.
“When you look at the deaths in Orlando, it is a larger number,” Calderon said.
“This was something we could not ignore,” added Roberto Sanabria, who sits on the board of the Cultural Center.


SAVE THE DATE Cacica Coronation of Paseo Boricua 2016

SAVE THE DATE Cacica Coronation of Paseo Boricua 2016

This is one of Vida/SIDA’ s major fundraisers which all of PRCC is requested to participate and join in the effort of selling tickets. Vida/SIDA has created an electronic site where tickets can be purchased.
YOU CAN PURCHASE TICKETS ONLINE. Please share this link ASAP and ask your friends and family to attend or just buy a ticket to support the event. Please share the link on Facebook and any other social media you have access to. Purchase your tickets for the Coronation of Paseo Boricua Cacica Queen 2016 here.
On Friday, June 17th 2016 – Vida/SIDA will celebrate our 9th annual Coronation of the Paseo Boricua Cacica Queen. This years queen will be Cynthia Lee Fontaine! Fontaine was a contestant on the current season of Rupaul’s Drag Race. She is a great representation of the current image of female impersonation. The Puerto Rican native will be present along with many of Chicago’s finest talent! Save the date! You don’t want to miss this spectacular night!