A History of Perseverance

A History of Perseverance


On April 28, 2016, El Rescate Transitional Living Program celebrated its four-year anniversary. From the untrained eye, an attendee of the celebration could easily have assumed this program is well funded with an unlimited amount of resources. But the reality is far different, as of June 2015; El Rescate had not received any funding due to the budget crisis in the state of Illinois.

The celebration was held at the Puerto Rican Museum of Arts and Culture where many community leaders and supporters come together in celebration of El Rescate’s anniversary.  In Attendance was Mona Noriega, Commissioner of the City of Chicago Dept. of Human Relations, Joe Betancourt, Real Estate Developer in Humboldt Park, and Aida Giachello from the Northwestern University.
 The Keynote Speaker for the evening was Oliver Aguilar from DIFFA who so eloquently spoke about El Rescate’s commitment to homeless LGBTQ youth, and his commitment to helping El Rescate continue their work for many years to come.
Performances by El Rescate’s very own Marcel Vaughan who performed the Black keys on the piano, and Fabian and his Cuatro, who performed while dinner was served, were well received by the audience. In Addition, near the end of the celebration, Paseo Boricua’s very own Africaribe closed out the celebration with a very culturally relevant performance showcasing Bomba and Plena. Bomba and Plenaare percussion-driven musical traditions from Puerto Rico that at one time was a source of political and spiritual expression.
El Rescate Transitional Living Program was built on the pillars of the Puerto Rican community of Humboldt Park and what makes El Rescate successful is the community from which it sprouted. Through fundraisers, and donations from the Humboldt Park community is what has helped sustain El Rescate through all its hardships.  For this reasons this celebration was so extraordinary, being able to survive without much funding is a testament to all who have supported El Rescate all year long. El Rescate staff would like to thank all the supporters, from John Carrasquillo to Jesy Groce who have so selflessly assisted in keeping El Rescate alive, and of course the PRCC whom has been the anchor of El Rescate.
Stand Up For Puerto Rico demands action from Federal Executive Branch

Stand Up For Puerto Rico demands action from Federal Executive Branch

Stand Up For Puerto Rico, an organization run by young Puerto Ricans, reiterates its demand to the Federal Executive Branch to take responsibility over the Island’s severe fiscal crisis.


“With the visit of Treasury Secretary, Jacob Lew, this past week in Puerto Rico, we reiterate our demand to President Obama to take executive action and address the fiscal crisis on the Island.  The Treasury Department, for example, should intervene with the bondholders to try to find a way to restructure the debt”, said Alejandro Manzanares, director and founder of Stand Up For Puerto Rico.
According to Manzanares, the President can take executive action without Congressional backing, but the Obama administration has not taken meaningful action for Puerto Rico.


“We also call on Governor Alejandro Garcia Padilla to echo our demands, which are shared by other officials and organizations such as: National Hispanic Leadership Agenda, National Puerto Rican Coalition, Hispanic Federation, Jubilee USA, among others”, said Manzanares.


Stand Up For Puerto Rico is a civil rights movement that urges the Government of the United States of America to accept its responsibility over Puerto Rico’s economic, social, and political conditions that have been neglected and affect the 3.5 million U.S. citizens of Puerto Rico. Using social media as the main platform, Stand Up For Puerto Rico’s mission is to educate and elevate the conversation within the United States and engage our leaders on matters that have not yet been addressed in order to establish an economic and social plan for a prosperous Puerto Rico.


 “We invite all Puerto Ricans, friends, allies, and supporters to use the hashtag #StandUpForPuertoRico in social media and demand Executive Action.  The island is facing a critical time and we need to act now before it is too late”, concluded Manzanares.
About Stand Up For Puerto Rico
Stand Up for Puerto Rico is a non-profit, non-partisan organization whose mission is to engage and build up the voice of Puerto Ricans.  Our goal is to promote action by raising awareness on the issues that affect the lives of 3.5 million U.S. citizens.  It is a civil-rights movement powered by social media, through which all voices can be heard.  For more information visitwww.StandUpForPuertoRico.org
Monologo “Esperando tu regreso” cuenta con apoyo Centro Cultural Puertorriqueño

Monologo “Esperando tu regreso” cuenta con apoyo Centro Cultural Puertorriqueño

por Cristian Roldan, PRCC

El pasado viernes 13 de noviembre se llevo a cabo el monólogo “Esperando tu regreso” actuado  por la destacada actriz puertorriqueña Marian Pabón. El mismo se llevo a cabo en la sala de teatro del Instituto Cervantes, contando con la presencia de una dozena de empleados del Centro Cultural Puertorriqueño Juan A. Corretjer y residentes de la Comunidad Puertorriqueña. El encuentro se dió por casualidad a pesar de expresar el mismo interes.
  La obra explora la psiquis de Margarita, quien ya en la tercera edad, rememora el “amor de su vida”. A pesar de su carrera exitosa, no logra consolidar su vida amorosa con su pianista, del cual se enamora e idealiza hasta el final de su vida.  La pieza teatral muestra el gran apego que vive la cantante de blues, el cual transciende el tiempo, el espacio y el fenecimiento de su enamorado.