Puerto Rican People’s Parade 2018: Join the Celebration!

Puerto Rican People’s Parade 2018: Join the Celebration!


PRPeoples Parade Application 2018

The Puerto Rican Cultural Center will be celebrating a historical achievement – the
40th Annual Puerto Rican Peoples Parade (1978 – 2018) on Paseo Boricua, starting at
2:00pm on Division & Western, on Saturday June 14th , 2018.
This year the parade will honor its founders and will highlight the 3R’s PR campaign
“Rescue, Relief, Rebuild Puerto Rico” of the Puerto Rican Agenda. These founders
are being honored as the pioneers, whose vision and diligence, started a space in
this community forty years ago to promote our culture and celebrate our resilience
in the face of the discrimination and marginalization which had caused the second
major Puerto Rican rebellion, taken place in June of 1977 – responding to the cold
blooded murder of two young Puerto Ricans by Chicago’s police. From its inception,
the founders assured that the Parade would showcase Puerto Rican art, music and
culture without the adulterated depiction, which many traditional ethnic parades
undergo as a result of commercialization. Forty years later we will celebrate, in a
carnival-like environment, and frame this Puerto Rican cultural experience within
the language of social criticism and the discourse of possibilities.
This year’s Parade will additionally highlight the work the Puerto Rican Agenda has
undertaken in response to the humanitarian and the exacerbated economic crisis
that Puerto Rico faced as a result of Hurricane María. The Puerto Rican Agenda of
Chicago was the first organization of the Puerto Rican Diaspora to land an airplane
with cargo on the island, and to have that same plane return with 300 people
stranded at the Luis Muñoz Marín Airport. Since the passing of Hurricane María, the
Puerto Rican Agenda has raised over $400,000 and directed funds for aid and micro-
grants totaling $250,000 to 30 municipalities in Puerto Rico.
During the weekend of March 23 rd , 24 th and 25 th members of the Puerto Rican
Agenda traveled to Puerto Rico with a Chicago delegation, including Congressman
Luis V. Gutierrez and Mayor Rahm Emanuel; and met with the mayors of San Juan,
Comerío and Loíza. 5,200 pounds of supplies, collected by the Puerto Rican Agenda
and the Puerto Rico Relief fund of South Central Wisconsin, was distributed. The
Agenda presented $4,000 each to schools in Comerío and Loíza, as a youth to youth
fund raising initiative.
There are many ways one can be part of the efforts to make the 40 th Puerto Rican
Parade a community success, including the following:
 Join the Parade festivities on Saturday, June 14 th
 Buy an ad in La Voz de Paseo Boricua Parade Special Edition Insert
 Donate to the Puerto Rican Relief Fund at www.puertoricanchicago.org
 Donate to the Parade vía http://www.prcc-chgo.org
See you there!
For more information, please contact Leony Calderón lenonyc@prcc-chgo.org
During 38th Puerto Rican Peoples Parade:

During 38th Puerto Rican Peoples Parade:

* Nancy Franco Maldonado’s life Celebrated
* Orlando Victims Remembered
* 50th Anniversary of Division St. Riot Commemorated
* Oscar López Rivera’s freedom Demanded

Thousands of people gathered on Paseo Boricua on Saturday, June 18, 2016 to celebrate the life of our very own Nancy Franco Maldonado- who posthumously served as the 2016 Grand Marshal; to remember the victims of the Orlando, Florida massacre under the slogan “Con Orgullo y Duelo”; to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the Division Street Riots of 1966. The Parade was led by Ald. Roberto Maldonado and Nancy’s family, and included a large contingent of people in solidarity with those massacred in Orlando and demanding the release of Oscar López Rivera.

Photos courtesy of Elias Carmona
37th Puerto Rican Peoples Parade: Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the Steel Flags, the Baseball Leagues and Cocineros Unidos de Humboldt Park

37th Puerto Rican Peoples Parade: Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the Steel Flags, the Baseball Leagues and Cocineros Unidos de Humboldt Park

By Erika Abad, Puerto Rican Cultural Center

Saturday’s heat and mugginess did not keep Puerto Ricans from standing in line to show their support. As early as 11:30 AM, despite the parade starting at 2 PM, residents and other Puerto Ricans were setting out their lawn chairs and coolers to get front row seating for the parade. By the time the parade would start at 2:10, from storefront to gate, Puerto Ricans, Latinos and community residents stood watching floats from community organizations like the Juan Antonio Corretjer Puerto Rican Cultural Center, AfriCaribe and ASPIRA to political contingents like 1st ward alderman, Joe Moreno, 26th ward Alderman, Roberto Maldonado, and the National Boricua Human Rights Network- Chicago chapter. Toddlers walked hand in hand with their parents or from their strollers perched on floats, watched the crowd cheer them on. When a Pedro Albizu Campos High School alum stood on a float in the middle of California and Division Street’s intersection to sing “Despierta Boricua,” the crowd either stood silent or joined in, many with fists raised in the air.

The Parade this year was dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the birth of the amazing Paseo Boric Flags, as well as the big and minor Baseball Leagues of Humboldt Park and Cocineros Unidos (United Cooks) of Humboldt Park.

Puerto Ricans in Humboldt Park continue to rally to demonstrate the significance of Humboldt Park to their sense of culture, history and politics. Congested gatherings like the 37th People’s Parade on Division show us that no matter where we go, where or how we live, Humboldt Park and Paseo Boricua are still Boricuas’ pedacito de patria away from la isla.

1995 was the first time I participated in Chicago’s downtown Puerto Rican Parade, pushing my cousin’s youngest daughter in a stroller. Also, the year Chicago placed two Puerto Rican flags of steel in the ground of the mile-strip between Western and California known now as Paseo Boricua.

Puerto Rican pride was not the only sentiment waving through the air as the sight of rainbow flags demonstrate. Whether on LGBT-centered initiatives’ floats like El Rescate and Vida SIDA or in the crowd, queer, trans, and LGBT Puerto Ricans were waving both flags during the parade. Youth spearheaded that visibility, paving the way for the growth of Chicago’s Puerto Rican community to serve the ever-increasing diversity of their community.

View the collaborative Flickr set here.

American Heart Association Supports Parade Efforts!

American Heart Association Supports Parade Efforts!

On June 13th, the PRCC received a donation of 25 cases of water from Fil Mendez Guipoco (Health Equity Director) and Lyzeth M. Mondragon (Administrative Associate) from the American Heart Association to assist in this year’s Puerto Rican People’s Day Parade & Festival. Because of their support, we were able to provide bottled water to 600 partakers, volunteers, and community residence that participated in the parade. The Puerto Rican People’s Day Parade was a huge success, in part due to their help. The Puerto Rican Cultural Center appreciates the contribution that was made and would like to thank Fil Mendez Guipoco and Lyzeth M. Mondragon for their generosity.

Diabetes Empowerment Center and Muevete Present! at People’s Parade

Diabetes Empowerment Center and Muevete Present! at People’s Parade

The Greater Humboldt Park Community Diabetes Empowerment Center’s Muévete Physical Activity Program, ¡Dijo Presente!  The Sun shined on us Saturday, June 14, 2014, as we celebrated along with community the 36th annual and 2nd United Puerto Rican People’s Parade. Participants, staff, instructors and volunteers showed their beautiful smile while waving the Puerto Rican Flag Parading down Division street in Humboldt Park, and the crowd responded with chants and cheers while weaving proudly the Puerto Rican flags. It was truly a day of pride and celebration on Division St.

Join us for Health Education classes: Nutrition Education, Food Demonstrations, Diabetes Prevention and Medication Education.  Muévete: Dance-aerobics, Zumba, Pilates, Tai Chi, Yoga, seasonal walking and biking groups. Heart Health Screenings and more… The Greater Humboldt Park Diabetes Empowerment Center is located at 2753 W. Division St. is opened on Monday and Friday 8:30am-5:00pm, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 8:30am-7:00pm. 773-342-0855.