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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

August 2007 (English & Spanish separate downloads)

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June 2007 (English & Spanish separate downloads)

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May 2007 (English & Spanish separate downloads)

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April 2007 (English & Spanish separate downloads)

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March 2007 (English & Spanish separate downloads)

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February 2007 (English & Spanish separate downloads)

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December 2006-January 2007 (English & Spanish separate downloads)

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Latest News from "La Voz":

Judge rejects Civil Rights Commission petition for human rights approach to Puerto Rico debt...

By Eva Lloréns Vélez SAN JUAN – The U.S. District Court rejected a friend of the court brief submitted by the Civil Rights Commission of Puerto...

Congratulations to Matt, Alyssa and Vicki on their recent graduation from the Feirstein Graduate...

Congratulations to Matt McCanna, Alyssa Villegas and Vicki Alvarez on their recent graduation from the Feirstein Graduate School of Film, Brooklyn College from the...

Community March for Accountabilty of Puerto Rican Parade Committee and to Save Casa Puertorriqueña

Last Sunday July. 15. Community members marched between Sacramento & Division St. TO DEMAND JUSTICE! for Casa Puertorriqueña. The Community March for accountability of Puerto...

137 families whose lives have been impacted by Hurricane Maria Served by Tzu Chi...

The Puerto Rican Cultural Center in collaboration with the City of Chicago Office of Emergency Management and Communications (OEMC), the Department of Family Support...

Orlando “El Fenómeno” Cruz Boxeador en todos los frentes

Por Javier Valentín, LA VOZ Nadie tiene la manera de pronosticar el futuro, pero cuando la popularidad tocó las puertas del boxeador Orlando “El Fenómeno”...
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