Collaboration, not Segregation, for Fortification and Integration

Collaboration, not Segregation, for Fortification and Integration

by Anthony DeJesús, Integrated Paseo, PRCC

United and undivided is what is necessary for minority communities to prosper, flourish, and succeed. There are many afflictions that affect minority communities in this day and age. The prevalence of theHuman Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) is one, substance abuse another, and the lack of hope for a better future. There are programs that exist for the purpose of helping individuals overcome these adversities. Integrated PASEO, A Puerto Rican Cultural Center program, is such a program. Integrated PASEO visited Rincon Family Services to provide free HIV and Hepatitis-C Virus (HCV) screening, testing, and referrals for treatment as well as prevention, education, and care services. The Integrated PASEO program collaborates with many communities and organizations to increase awareness and provide services.
Another collaboration, in which Integrated PASEO participates, is with the Garfield Park Community Center on weekdays, Monday through Friday at anytime between 9:00 AM and 12:00 PM. Through this collaboration, individuals can receive free HIV and HCV testing and screening, free harm reduction kits, free female and male condoms, and free packages of lubrication.

Integrated PASEO is housed at Norwegian American Hospital. Every weekday, Monday through Fridayat anytime between 9:00 AM and 4:00 PM. Integrated PASEO offers FREE testing to individuals for HIV, HCV, and Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI’s). For those who screen positive, a FREE referral is made for treatment; any individual who screens positive for substance abuse and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) are allowed to participate in the FREE “Seeking Safety” Counseling Program.

Annual Diabetes Awareness Month event

Annual Diabetes Awareness Month event

By Jenny Jara, Diabetes Empowerment Center Outreach Worker

As the colder months approach, so does this year’s flu season, making it crucial for community members to take action in preventing influenza and its complications. For the month of October, the Greater Humboldt Park Community Diabetes Empowerment Center (DEC), in partnership with Walgreens, administered a total of 84 flu shots to community members. In addition to providing this free service, DEC provided basic heart screenings, nutrition education, cooking demonstration, physical activity and referrals.

Please join us for our annual Diabetes Awareness Month event on Saturday, November 14, 2015 from 10:00am to 2:00pm. We will have Free; A1C testing, the flu shot once again, heart screenings, food demonstration, physical activity, food and free raffle. DEC, 2753 W. Division St. Chicago Il 60622. 773-342-0855,
Join the 14th Annual Haunted Paseo!

Join the 14th Annual Haunted Paseo!

Featuring Interactive stations &
Healthy Treats for Children of All Ages
Donations requested (individual-snack size):
· Fruit Gummies · Pretzels · Juice boxes * Plain cookies
· Mini water bottles · Low-fat granola or cereal bars
· Baked chips · Popcorn · Sugar-free gum · Stickers
Donations can be dropped off at:
*DSBDA 2459 W Division St,
contact: Nayda  773-782-0454
*Puerto Rican Cultural Center 2546 W Division St,
contact: Viola 773-394-4935
Ultima Fin de Semana de La Cosecha

Ultima Fin de Semana de La Cosecha

Por Cristian Roldan, Programa La Cosecha

Cordialmente les deseo invitar a último fin de semana del Farmers Market. Aproveche la última oportunidad para consumir productos frescos este fin de semana, libres de químicos y cultivados en nuestro proprio barrio con el objetivo de mejorar nuestros hábitos alimenticios con el fin de crear una comunidad más saludable y consciente de lo que consume. Ha sido una tarea ardua y retante el cultivar productos orgánicos en nuestra propia comunidad. Recuerde que todo producto es libre de pesticidas y fertilizantes artificiales. Todo estara a mitad de precio. Así que porfavor tome la tarea de pasar y aproveche para consumir productos locales y frescos. De lo contrario habrá que esperar hasta la próxima temporada.
Ha sido un reto producir con las limitaciones de conocimiento sobre agricultura y sería una verdadera lástima que se pierdan los productos. Les deseo dar las gracias a todos por patrocinar el programa, en especial a Juanita, Danette, Eduardo Arocho y sobre todo a José López, nuestro más fiel cliente.
Recuerde que estaremos el sabado en la esquina de California Ave y Division Street el sábado y en North Ave. Y Artisan St. el domingo.

Alderman Maldonado Announces:  Paseo Boricua to Welcome Permanent Installations of Flags of Latin America

Alderman Maldonado Announces: Paseo Boricua to Welcome Permanent Installations of Flags of Latin America

By Michael Emmer, PRCC

During a press conference on Friday, June 19th, 2015, Alderman Roberto Maldonado announced a new initiative on Paseo Boricua which would include the placement, along the strip on Division between Western and Mozart, of the flags of Latin America.

Alderman Maldonado highlighted the fact that since the 37th annual People’s Parade was dedicated to the celebration of the 20th Anniversary of the Installation of the Flags of Steel, which now demarcate the commercially and culturally vibrant Puerto Rican focused Paseo Boricua, it was most appropriate that he would make this announcement to coincide with this occasion.



A banner which read, “Paseo Boricua Welcomes the Flags of Latin America”, served as the backdrop for the press conference at Nellies restaurant. Consul generals of several countries of Latin America were present including those of Venezuela, Argentina, Mexico, Costa Rica, and the Dominican Republic. Also, in attendance were a group of students from Chicago’s Urban Life Center.

At the press conference as well, José E. Lopez, executive director of the Puerto Rican Cultural Center, presented this year’s Puerto Rican People’s Day Parade Grand Marshals. He pointed out that the selection of these Grand Marshals were different than previous years because the 2015 Grand Marshals were three community organizations (rather than individuals) and they were: the United Leagues of Humboldt Park, the Roberto Clemente Little Leagues and the Cocineros Unidos de Humboldt Park. Mike “Mikey” Sanchez represented the United Leagues of Humboldt Park, Eliud Medina Jr. represented the Roberto Clemente Minor Leagues of Humboldt Park, Jesus “Jessie” Sierra and Juan Sanchez represented the Cocineros Unidos.

The press conference received widespread coverage in Chicago’s media including Univision, Telemundo, NBC, WBEZ, Hoy Newspaper, Extra Newspaper, as well as various social medias.

Honorable Toni Preckwinkle Visits Dr. Pedro Albizu Campos Puerto Rican High School

Honorable Toni Preckwinkle Visits Dr. Pedro Albizu Campos Puerto Rican High School

By Dr. Pedro Albizu Campos Puerto Rican High School Journalism Team

On Thursday, May 7th, our students and staff welcomed a visit from the Cook County Board President. Not knowing exactly what to expect, our students prepared to extend both a warm “bienvenida” as well as share critical questions for our guest considering her role with key decisions related to the prisons and hospitals in Cook County.

Captivating the audience’s attention, Honorable Preckwinkle spoke about some of the challenges that she confronts with disproportionate rates of Black and Brown people incarcerated and only a small percent actually serving time, versus waiting for trial. Our students were taken aback by her honesty and genuineness with her comments stating “We have never heard a politician speak so openly about real problems.”

Hoping for more time, our students posed questions about economic development, mental health services being cut in the City of Chicago, and about full access to appropriate healthcare. Toward the end of the exchange, our students presented Honorable Preckwinkle with some “Albizu Gear” and explained to her what they are learning about urban agriculture in our school’s greenhouse.


Our students left the exchange excited, hopeful and interested in doing more to make our world a better place.