Fashion Show to help El Rescate

Fashion Show to help El Rescate

Dear Community Member, CALOR would like to formally invite you to “Fashion: Elements of Fierce.” Join us for a FASHION SHOW with art, performances and community. All the ticket proceeds of this event will be donated to two community organizations: United Latinx Pride and El Rescate.

El Rescate, an initiative of the Puerto Rican Cultural Center, provides identity-affirming transitional housing to homeless LGBTQ youth and support services to assist with transition to independence. United Latinx Pride is a group of individual community members, organizations and businesses that identify as Latinx LGBTQQIA and allies formed to meet the need to educate and celebrate who we are as community.

The event will be held on November 18th at the Segundo Ruiz Belvis Cultural Center (4046 W Armitage Ave.) from 6 P.M. to 10 P.M.This show is being made possible by local organizers and fashion artists. The original designs and costumes have been created by individual designers and community efforts.  The community organizers have been meeting weekly in an effort to provide you with this show that you will not forget! We hope to see your presence in an effort to unite and celebrate unity.

All ticket and event information is available on the Eventbrite link below. Official Flyer and theme will be announced this Friday.

If you are interested in sponsoring/donating, tabling, or volunteering (modeling, designing, performing, or volunteering) please fill out our form below.

Thank you in advance for your interest. We hope to see you on November 18th.


El Rescate perseveres… with help!

El Rescate perseveres… with help!

by PRCC Staff
On March 3, 2016, El Rescate Transitional Living Program celebrated its four-year anniversary.  Over 100 individuals stopped by to visit El Rescate during the PRCC 100×35 celebration. From the untrained eye, an attendee of the celebration could easily have assumed this program is well funded with an unlimited amount of resources. But the reality is far different. Ever since the state declared a budget impasse the program has existed entirely without any form of funding, but on this day many who visited the program came with bags full of donations for El Rescate in the form of toiletries and personal needs items.
I would like to extend my gratitude to all those individuals who made such wonderful donations.  Both Staff and residents were honored to have received such wonderful donations.
These are trying times for El Rescate and while other Transitional Living Programs have closed their doors for lack of funding, El Rescate continues to keep its doors open.  This is because of the support from the Puerto Rican Cultural Center who has helped to sustain El Rescate through all its hardships. For this reason, the residents of the program are made to feel that they have a family of supporters. Thank you all who have supported us.
El Rescate chosen to participate in Digital Storage Immersion program

El Rescate chosen to participate in Digital Storage Immersion program

El Rescate Transitional Living Program & Basic Center Program  is proud in participating in an initiative of the Digital Storage Immersion pilot program, sponsored by the Chicago Youth  Storage Initiative Organization. This pilot program allows our youth  the ability to have quick, simple, easy access and a safe storage to their  personal documents, records   and /or Employment applications as well as simplifying our  youth outreach efforts. As part of the  Digital Storage Immersion pitot program, we were presented with various Tablets and Keyboards to assist achieving  both of our programs mission statements. Mission being  El Rescate Transitional Living Program is to provide identity -affirming  housing to homeless  LGBTQ youth ages consisting of 18 to 24. Some being HIV- positive and to provide support services to assist with their transition to independence.  &  Basic Center Program goal is to expand services that address the immediate needs of Latinos and African American youth 12 to 18 years of age living in Chicago Metropolitan who are identify as LGBTQ and have run away from their home or are homeless.
Do you know about El Rescate Basic Center yet?

Do you know about El Rescate Basic Center yet?

by El Rescate
The Puerto Rican Cultural Center is proud to introduce one of its newest program initiatives: The El Rescate Basic Center Program. This new program represents an expansion of our existing El Rescate umbrella services aimed at homeless youth.  The Basic Center focuses on serving Latino and African American LGBTQ youth who are 12 to 18 years of age and helps connect them with temporary shelter*, health insurance coverage, educational and vocational opportunities, job readiness, social and relational skills, mental health resources, and recreational programming.  All of our services are confidential and youth oriented and focused.
El Rescate Basic Center provides case management services and works with qualifying youth for housing and long-term support so that they may thrive and succeed in their life paths. Our bilingual team is there to facilitate programs that will help youth explore their options, develop needed self-care skills and activate their potential and creativity through the freedom of expression and within an accepting, understanding, and supportive environment.  El Rescate Basic Center proudly operates out of the historical Humboldt Park community reaching out to youth throughout Chicagoland area.
If you or anyone you know is in need of our services, or to learn more about us please call  (872)829-2654.

Alternative Gifts International Organization Donates to El Rescate

This week El Rescate Transitional Living Program want to share our gratitude to Alternative Gifts International Organization for continuing supporting our youth.
“El Rescate Transitional Living Program  depends  greatly on community partnerships to be able to do what we do, particularly at this time, given the State of Illinois budget impasse.This week we received a wonderful visit from Mr.Tony Princ, Executive Director of  Alternative Gifts  International  which is a non-profit organization, that inspires support for humanitarian and environmental causes. They  offer donors the option to designate charitable gifts through carefully selected agencies in the name of their relatives, friends and associates. Mr. Princ was accompanied by Mr. Brainmah, Tim a Scholar On Sexual Orientation Issues affecting Refugees. On their visit to our facility(Program) we were presented with a kind hearted donation. And on behalf of El Rescate Transitional Living Program resident’s and staff I would to like express our gratitude to Alternative Gifts International Organization for continuing  supporting our youth.”