Message from Shirley Peyton, Program Director

“Having a roof over our head is one of our most basic needs, yet this can be a struggle for many. BOHIO helps families and individuals in the process of finding affordable housing and keeping what they have, and also assists in planning for the future.”

Through the BOHIO Housing Program, staff provides participants with education and outreach activities used to enhance the learning experience of Latino men and women who are ready to purchase a home or rent an apartment. Through services, seminars, and workshops many have been given the tools to make informed decisions regarding the process and their rights. Services of BOHIO Housing Services include: help applying for rental assistance and LIHEAP (CEDA) assistance, monthly seminars and presentations on housing related topics, referrals to resources and support services based on needs including: homeless shelters, supportive living (SOR listing), low-income housing, and affordable housing among others.

Latest News BOHIO Housing Program

BOHIO Hosts discussion Panel on Housing Initiative

On May 28, Jose A. Ramirez from Vida/SIDA’s BOHIO Housing Services hosted a discussion panel on LUCHA’s new Mi Tierra housing initiative. LUCHA is currently in the process of building affordable housing apartments in Humboldt Park to help stop gentrification. Alma Zamudio, LUCHA’s community organizer, led the discussion panel while PRCC staff gave input and ideas on how to make these new housing apartments more livable and beneficial to Humboldt Park residents. Many great ideas and information came out of this workshop. Special thanks to Zenaida Lopez (El Rescate), Leslie Rodriguez (Affordable Care Act Program), Gustavo Varela (Generation L), and Maritxa Vidal (Vida/SIDA) for their participation.

BOHIO Sponsors Housing Workshop for Puerto Rican/Latino 1st time Homebuyers

On Saturday, April 25, the BOHIO housing initiative of the Puerto Rican Cultural Center sponsored a home ownership workshop at Casa Puertorriqueña with more than 30 participants. The workshop focused on providing housing information to first time  homeowners. The event was co-sponsored  DSBDA, Casa Puertorriqueña and PNC Bank.

Bohio Housing Services Hosts Successful Housing Seminar

On Saturday, January 18th, 2014, Humboldt Park residents attended a Bohio Housing Services Housing Seminar at La Casa Puertorriqueña. The Housing Seminar sought to encourage Puerto Rican and Latino potential homebuyers to buy in Humboldt Park. At the housing seminar, participants were given information about the benefits of owning versus renting, the buying and loan process and why they should consider Humboldt Park as a place to buy. Bohio Housing Services is a partnership between the Puerto Rican Cultural Center and the Division Street Business Development Association. For more information about our housing and renting services, please contact Shirley Payton at 773-782-0454 or